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Made for Latte   Flat White   Cappuccino   Long Black   Tea
Made for Latte   Flat White   Cappuccino   Tea
Made for Latte   Flat White   Cappuccino   Tea
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Velvet Grip Straw 10

Meticulously handcrafted by leading artisans from the Joco studio, the Velvet grip straw combines leading materials to address the shortfalls in current reusable straws. A refined drinking experience like no other.


  • Length 10" / 254mm | Diameter 10mm
  • Length 10" / 254mm | Diameter 10mm
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  • Design

    Borosilicate glass provides durability and a taint free drinking experience. Easy to clean and antibacterial. The semi-transparent Velvet Grip, coats the exterior eliminating issues surrounding tooth to glass unpleasantness, protecting the straw and acting as a safeguard skin in the event of a breakage. Providing a tactile user experience the velvet grip straw provides for a refined drinking experience like no other.

  • Artisan

    Made by artists NOT machines.
    The Joco studio brings together a collective of master artisans. Using their carefully honed skill sets to deliver meticulously crafted designs with unwavering quality and personal touch.
    Each and every product has been treated as an individual art piece and is made just for you.

  • Components

    Velvet grip
    A unique formulation showcasing a translucent lustre for a heightened visual experience while providing anti-slip functionality with a premium velvet touch. The ultimate grip with a sleek, minimalist design for a pure drinking experience.

    Artisan blown glass
    Artist Blown – Made by artists NOT machines. Crafted from high-grade borosilicate glass and equipped with wide-mouth design and steady flow function. Etch and thermal shock resistant, lightweight and durable, with optimal clarity.

  • Your Impact

    Every Joco purchase serves as a lifetime solution eliminating plastic and single-use waste, with the added means to retrieve and repurpose toxic plastic debris 24/7

  • Materials & Dimensions
    • Precisely formulated, artisan blown borosilicate glass
    • Precisely formulated, premium grade silicone

    Certified non-toxic | LFGB approved | Bisophenol (BPA, BPF, BPS, EA) free

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