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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

All rights reserved.

In accordance with applicable copyright legislation no material on this website may be reproduced in any form without prior written permission from Joco Group Pty Ltd.

Joco Group Pty Ltd follows a strict process in protecting its intellectual property rights in Australia and all major markets including various overseas countries. Many of the Joco products are therefore subject to Trademark, patent and design registrations or applications in Australia and other countries.

Additionally automatic copyright protection exists on product designs granted under the Australian and or other country’s  copyright legislation. This copyright protection extends to other aspects present or shown on this website.

All rights reserved.

Joco Group Pty Ltd

版权所有。 根据适用的版权法规

未经Joco Group Pty Ltd事先书面许可,不得以任何形式复制本网站上的任何资料

Joco Group Pty Ltd在澳大利亚和所有主要市场(包括各个海外国家)遵循严格的保护其知识产权的程序。 因此,许多Joco产品在澳大利亚和其他国家/地区均受到商标,专利和外观设计注册或申请的约束。

此外,根据澳大利亚和/或其他国家/地区的版权法规授予的产品外观设计具有自动版权保护。 本版权保护扩展到本网站上显示或显示的其他方面

版權所有 Joco Group Pty Ltd

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