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Barista Tips


Author: • July 8, 2019

Preparation tips


If vessel is not at room temperature, preheat using either hot water or the steam wand. Be careful as ceramic and soda lime glass can break due to thermal shock. 

Borosilicate glass is best suited to coffee preparation.

When using ceramic you can always add metal teaspoon to the cup as you pour, this will reduce the thermal shock 


The Perfect pour tips 

Tip 1 – the best tasting brew ever!
The optimal drinking temperature can be key to the best tasting brew ever!
Too hot destroys to characteristics of the beverage and your taste buds, too cold can leave you feeling incomplete.

The votes are in and  55 – 65 degree celsius ( 131 – 149f) has been deemed as the magic range. Full flavour and opening up and settling into the pure tasting notes.

When drinking Long Blacks, take a moment to appreciate the day whilst your beverage cools and opens up just like a red wine.

Tip 2 Avoid the burn
Never heat milk over 70 degrees ( 158f), this splits and burns the milk, detracting from the full flavour and tainting the tasting notes.
Low fat and plant based milks should be even lower

Tip 3 Brewed not Burned
Filter , espresso or batch brew. Brew it dont burn it .
Keep under 96 degrees ( 205 f)

Tip 4 Dont drown it
Avoid overfilling your vessel, you dilute the amazing flavors and most likely spill the excess before putting the lid on. The internal ridge of each JOCO cup is the fill to indicator, Governing the fill and allowing breathing room. Oh yeah, if drinking without the lid it also helps avoid the dreaded milk moustache 

TIP 5 Breath it in
Aroma is a primary quality denoting a coffee / beverages flavour. With over 800 aromatics in coffee be sure to pause and inhale to capture the entire experience. Your coffee habit will hit a new level 

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