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Made for Latte   Flat White   Cappuccino   Long Black   Tea
Made for Latte   Flat White   Cappuccino   Tea
Made for Latte   Flat White   Cappuccino   Tea
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Utility Lid Small

A master of its many configurations, providing a culmination of refined drinking modes. The Utility Lid is well suited for beverages of a thicker consistency or when increased flow is required. Intuitive, splash-free straw integration and anti-spill closure are all contained within Joco’s proven DNA for the best drinking experience. Utility meets luxury.


  • Small
  • 4 & 6oz
  • Small
  • 4 & 6oz
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A master of many, utility meets luxury

  • Features
    • Wide mouth drinking
    • Anti-spill closure
    • Splash-free straw integration
    • 8mm Straw adaption
    • Roll Straw adaption
    • Spout adaption
    • Built in storage
    • Nose dome, room for the nose
  • Wide Mouth

    Wide mouth drinking with flow control. The Utility Lid is well suited for thicker beverages with adaptions removed or where faster flow is desired. The unique intake design delivers your hit when and where you need it. Taste it, don’t wear it.

  • Splash-proof straw integration

    Splash-proof and intuitive integration with Joco’s straw range ensure the best straw experience yet. The Utility Lid also accommodates most other straws

  • Adaptive drinking

    Provided with unique componentry and built in lid storage, the Utility Lid features an anti-spill closure. Customised seal rings provide splash-free straw integration that is so dependable, reclined drinking is encouraged. Spout adaption serves liquid beyond the teeth, keeping your pearly whites, white.

  • Materials
    • Precisely formulated, premium grade silicone
    • 100% plastic-free

    Certified non-toxic | LFGB approved | Bisophenol (BPA, BPF, BPS, EA) free

Uptake of the Utility Lid provides enhanced functionality and sensory experience, removing consumers from the hazards of plastic.

Sam C

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