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Sustainable Coffee Cups


Author: customercare • August 19, 2019

Select Range Of Ruesable Glass JOCO Coffee Cups
With one of the biggest contributors to waste in Australia being single use, disposable coffee cups, it’s time to refuse all plastic and stop single use waste.

Since 2009 JOCO Cups have been designing and manufacturing a range of sustainable coffee cups. We established our brand as a personal protest against single use waste. Our passion for turning the tide on plastic has contributed to over 120,000 pieces of plastic being removed from the environment.

Why Using Sustainable Cups Is Important

With over 3 billion single use coffee cups and lids being thrown into landfill every year, making the decision to use sustainable coffee cups every day is a simple way to help the environment.

JOCO Cups are barista certified stain and odour resistant and are free from all types of BPA, cadmium and lead. Our wide range of eco-friendly cup sizes include 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz and 16 oz. It doesn’t matter what type of coffee or tea you enjoy, JOCO Cups can accommodate all your hot beverage preferences.


Six Coloured JOCO Cups in a Carry Tray

How to Make Using Sustainable Coffee Cups a Daily Habit

When you make the switch from using single use disposable coffee cups to eco-friendly coffee cups, it can be challenging. We suggest you keep one JOCO reusable coffee cup at your office desk and one in your bag or briefcase. On the way to work use the one in your bag and during the day encourage your colleagues to use your office JOCO cup.

Many cafes are now giving their customers a discount when they supply their own eco-friendly coffee cups. JOCO Cups are barista approved, dishwasher safe and have superior heat retention qualities. Having a few reusable coffee cups in your office is another way to say goodbye to single use coffee cups. This simple step can prevent thousands of disposable coffee cups going into landfill.

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