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JOCO Coffee Cup Lid


Author: ryanwan • March 24, 2020

If you’re fed up with your nose colliding with the lid of your coffee cup, JOCO Cups have the solution. JOCO Reusable Coffee Cup Lid

JOCO cup lids have been specifically designed to eliminate nose banging and annoying splashes from your hot beverage. Our barista approved JOCO lids come in small and large.

Small JOCO cup lids are suitable for our 4oz and 6oz glass reusable cups while large JOCO cup lids are suitable for our 8oz, 12oz and 16oz glass reusable cups.

Since 2009, JOCO Cups have been designing and producing reusable glass coffee cups. Unlike other coffee lids that are made from plastic, JOCO coffee lids are manufactured using medical grade silicone.

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Environmentally Friendly Glass Coffee Cups

With 91% of the 300 million tonnes of plastic produced going to landfill, JOCO Cups was established to stop single use plastic consumption. Created from high quality, non-porous borosilicate glass, our coffee cups are microwave safe, dishwasher friendly, and have been designed for a lifetime of use.

Available in a wide range of on-trend colours, JOCO coffee cup sizes include:

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