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Glass Reusable Coffee Cup


Author: customercare • August 12, 2019

Focused on developing glass reusable coffee cups that are made with eco-friendly & highly-durable materials, JOCO Cups aim to end the use of plastic, single-use drinking vessels.

Blue Reusable Coffee Cup From JOCO

Comprised of borosilicate glass and a silicone sleeve, each glass reusable cup has the following properties:

Assisted by the world’s leading baristas, each JOCO cup is designed to enhance your coffee experience.

Learn more about the cups by reading our FAQs.


Find Your Reusable Glass Coffee Cup

As each glass coffee cup is reusable and comes in a range of colours & sizes, each JOCO cup can be a source of eco-friendly pride for years to come.

The colour range includes:


Get Business Co-Branding

Showcase your companies commitment to a sustainable future with a range of coffee cups in reusable glass that also have your brand on the silicone sleeve.

Enquire online to find out more & for a free quote.

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