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Glass Coffee Cups


Author: customercare • August 12, 2019

Why fight plastic with plastic when you can get glass coffee cups from JOCO Cups that reduce single use plastic & waste. For over a decade, we have been designing clear glass coffee cups that enhance your coffee ritual, with heat retention, and are dishwasher safe.

Glass Coffee Cup 12oz Sandstone

Browse Our Glass Coffee Cups

Find your next glass travel coffee cup by browsing the extensive range of sizes & colours. The various sizes include, but are not limited to:

Purchase your favourite colour & perfect sized cup online today & get it delivered to your door for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Find out more about JOCO Cups and read the FAQs for more information. If you still have a burning question or feedback, contact us online or by emailing us at

Help Us Save the Sea

By purchasing a glass portable coffee cup from the collection, you’re helping Take 3 For The Sea spread their message to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans. Support our partnership by browsing the range of Take 3 cups & ordering one online today.

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