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Eco Friendly Reusable Coffee Cup

With billions of disposable coffee cups going to landfill every year, using eco-friendly reusable coffee cups is a simple but effective way to stop single waste use.

Unlike other eco-friendly reusable coffee cups, JOCO Cups are designed for a lifetime of use. Barista certified and 100% plastic free our sustainable coffee cups are made from artisan blown borosilicate glass. With an anti-splash ergonomic design, and certified non-toxic materials, you’ll taste your hot beverage instead of plastic.

Get the Best Eco-Friendly Reusable Coffee Cups

JOCO eco reusable coffee cup were born out of our desire to refuse all plastic and stop single use waste. Since 2009 we’ve been manufacturing and designing reusable coffee cup eco innovative reusable coffee cups. All our coffee cup sizes are barista certified stain and odour resistant and are free from all types of BPA, cadmium and lead.

Unlike other coffee cup brands, JOCO Cups don’t use any plastic componentry. Therefore, all JOCO Cups are 100% plastic fee and are manufactured from artisan blown borosilicate glass and medical grade silicone.

Rubywine Coloured JOCO 6oz Eco-Friendly Reusable Coffee Cup
Navy JOCO Reusable Glass Coffee Cup

It’s Time to Stop Using Single Use Coffee Cups

When you break up with drinking from single-use coffee cup and switch to drinking from JOCO coffee cups, you’ll enjoy your hot beverage as you make a difference to the environment. JOCO are passionate about empowering individuals to stop plastic and single waste use.

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