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Australian Reusable Coffee Cups


Author: customercare • October 31, 2019

Glass Coffee Cup 12oz Sandstone

Plastic can only be recycled a limited number of times before it ends up in landfill. Billions of plastic coffee cups, plastic water bottles and plastic straws go to landfill every year globally. Because of this, people are becoming more aware of limiting their single-use plastic waste.

You can help turn the tide on plastic by only drinking from an eco-friendly cup. JOCO Cups have been designing and manufacturing reusable cups in Australia since 2009.

Our eco-friendly coffee cups composed from artisan blown borosilicate glass have been meticulously crafted and thoughtfully designed. Each of JOCO’s reusable cups in Australia (and internationally) have a medical-grade silicone, non-slip sleeve ensures you can hold onto your coffee so it stays hotter for longer.

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JOCO Cups are odour resistant and free from all types of BPA, cadmium and lead. We set out to create forward-thinking, stylish reusable cups that fight plastic and single use waste. Our eco-friendly glass cups come in a range of sizes including 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz and 16 oz.

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Australian Reusable Glass JOCO Coffee Cups

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We established our brand as a passionate and personal protest against single use waste. Our desire to turn the tide on plastic has contributed to over 120,000 pieces of plastic being removed from the environment since 2017.

Drinking hot beverages from our Australian reusable coffee cups is an easy way to make a difference to the environment. With many cafes now giving discounts to customers who supply their own eco-friendly coffee cups, it also makes financial sense.

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