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8oz Coffee Cup


Author: customercare • August 13, 2019

A simple way to help the environment and limit your use single-use plastic waste is to start drinking your daily hot beverage from an eco-friendly coffee cup.

JOCO 8oz Coffee Cup Dimensions Breakdown

JOCO Cup’s 8oz coffee cup holds 227ml of liquid and most closely resembles the volume of a café glass cup.

Our 8oz reusable coffee cup is 100% plastic free and barista approved. Unlike many other reusable coffee cups, all our coffee cups (including the 8oz coffee cup) are designed for a lifetime of use.

The Best 8oz Coffee Cup

For over a decade JOCO cups have been designing and manufacturing eco-friendly reusable drinking vessels.

Using artisan-blown borosilicate glass and medical grade silicone, all our reusable coffee cups are environmentally responsible.

Many cafes have now adopted their own environmental initiatives, where you get cheaper coffee or loyalty points when you have a reusable cup. Therefore, when you switch to using a JOCO Cup, you may end up with more money in your wallet every month.


Barista Holding Yellow JOCO 8oz Coffee Cup

Shop for a Reusable Coffee Cup 8oz

It’s simple to turn the tide on plastic when you use our environmentally friendly reusable coffee cups. When you enjoy your daily coffee from a JOCO Cup, you’ll taste the beverage, not the container it’s in.

Help turn the tide on plastic – shop JOCO cups or contact us via email.

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