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Product Support: Velvet Grip Straw


Author: customercare • November 21, 2019

Design / product description

Meticulously handcrafted by leading artisans from the Joco studio, the Velvet grip straw combines leading materials to address the shortfalls in current reusable straws. Borosilicate glass provides durability and a taint free drinking experience. Easy to clean and antibacterial. The semi-transparent Velvet Grip, coats the exterior eliminating issues surrounding tooth to glass unpleasantness, protecting the straw and acting as a safeguard skin in the event of a breakage. Providing a tactile user experience the velvet grip straw provides for a refined drinking experience like no other.

Know your size / Size detail

The Velvet Grip Straw is compatible with the Joco cup via the Utility lid along with the flask. It is also well suited to other vessels of varying types.


7” – 177mm
8.5” – 216mm
10” – 254mm


Precisely formulated, borosilicate glass
Precisely formulated, premium grade silicone


Velvet grip

A unique formulation showcasing a translucent lustre for a heightened visual experience while providing anti-slip functionality with a premium velvet touch. The ultimate grip with a sleek, minimalist design for a pure drinking experience.

Artisan blown glass

Artist Blown – Made by artists NOT machines. Crafted from high-grade borosilicate glass and equipped with wide-mouth design and steady flow function. Etch and thermal shock resistant, lightweight and durable, with optimal clarity.

Utility lid and Straw integration

  1. Select reelevent straw plug and apply half way up the straw
  2. Click-fit the plug with straw to the wide mouth sipper hole of the lid.
  3. Covering the straw opening with thumb, sit lid atop the vessel and apply pressure to click-fit the lid to vessel. Note: maintain pressure on lid until air is fully expelled from intake.
  4. Maintain coverage of the straw opening with thumb whilst inserting straw to required depth.

Utility lid and Straw Integration
How do I wash the Velvet Grip Straw?

For best results, hand washing is suggested. Warm soapy water and a straw cleaning brush is the recommended process for cleaning. Do not scrub the velvet grip surface, wipe with a soft cleaning cloth.

If a dishwasher is prefered do not position Velvet Grip product near cutlery or abrasive objects.

Is the Velvet grip Straw Microwave safe?

Microwaving of the Velvet Grip Straw is not recommended.

Will the silicone stain

Joco silicone is a non-porous material so unlike plastic it will not absorb stains, odours or bacteria. If you do find a mark or a adour, this will just be on the surface. If general washing does not remove this, a paste formed using a mix of bicarbonate soda and water is well suited to removing any such blemish.


12 month warranty in the event of a manufacturing defect
(Excludes broken glass, scratched/cut silicone, cleanliness issues)

We don’t offer refunds for change of mind, unless product is unused, in original packaging and returned at customer expense in a salable condition. Refund will be processed once item is received

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