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Product Support: Joco Cup-Utility


Author: Matt Colegate • February 1, 2021

Design / product description

Thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted to enhance your coffee ritual. The world’s leading baristas helped us develop it, and they know a thing or two about good coffee. It’s a cup you can be proud of – for the rest of your life.

Know your lid size / Size detail

Regular Lid | 86mm wide
Compatable with 8oz, 12oz & 16oz Glass Joco cup

Small Lid | 64mm wide
Compatable with 4oz & 6oz Glass Joco cup

Know your cup size / Size detail

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Utility Joco Cup 6oz

Utility Joco Cup 12oz

Utility Joco Cup 16oz


Precisely formulated, borosilicate glass
Precisely formulated, premium grade silicone


Artisan blown glass

Artisan Blown – Made by artists NOT machines. Crafted from high-grade borosilicate glass. Etch and thermal shock resistant, lightweight and durable, with optimal clarity.

Thermal silicone sleeve

The thermal silicone sleeve provides grip and protection, whilst keeping your brew at the optimum drinking temperature.

Utility Lid

A master of its many configurations, providing a culmination of refined drinking modes. The Utility Lid is well suited for beverages of a thicker consistency or where increased flow is required. Intuitive, splash-proof straw integration and leak-proof closure all contained within Joco’s proven DNA for the best drinking experience. Utility meets luxury.


Utility Lid

1. Lid without components
2. Wide mouth sipper
3. Nose dome
4. Accessory storage
5. Air intake


6. Spout plug
7. Joco Straw plug
8. Joco Roll Straw plug
9. Closure plug

Utility lid and straw integration

Straw Integration

  1. Select relevant straw plug and apply half way up the straw.
  2. Click-fit the plug with straw to the wide mouth sipper hole of the lid.
  3. Covering the straw opening with thumb, sit lid atop of vessel and apply pressure to click-fit lid to vessel. Note, hold pressure on lid until air is fully expelled from intake.
  4. Maintain coverage of straw opening with thumb whilst slowly inserting straw to
    required depth.

Straw Integration

Straw Integration animation

User instructions

Drinking Temperature

The Joco cup has been designed for use within the optimal drinking temp of : 55°- 65° (131°F-149 F°)

Max temp for milk beverages is 70 degree celsius. Above this the milk burns or splits affecting the taste and destroying your day.

The Joco cup can be used for hotter and colder beverages and it is thermal shock resistant, however it is not insulated for extreme temperatures so may become hot to handle at high temperatures and may sweat if it contains contents of cold temperatures.

Click-fit design

The Utility lid is designed to perform in the busy cafe environment and at home. Achieving a secure seal is easy, simply place the lid centrally atop the glass rim and press downward until the engaged seal is heard/felt and all air is expelled. This should be a simple effortless operation.

Care instructions / Assembly instructions etc

How do I wash the Joco product?

Good news: Every part of the Joco cup is dishwasher safe. Be sure to place all parts of the cup on the top rack of the dishwasher. Handwashing of Utility Lid adaptations is recommended due to their size.

Do be careful, sleeves may be slippery when wet or when heated to high temperatures. Ensure all components are dry before use.

Please do not use damaged product and handle broken glass with care.

Are your products microwave safe?

Most certainly. All Joco cup components are microwave safe. Be sure to remove the lid before reheating any liquids, and definitely check the temperature before drinking.

Will the silicone stain

Joco silicone is a non-porous material so unlike plastic it will not absorb stains, odours or bacteria. If you do find a mark or a odour, this will just be on the surface. If general washing does not remove this, a paste formed using a mix of bicarbonate soda and water is well suited to removing any such blemish.

Spare parts

Joco Cup Accessories


12 month warranty in the event of a manufacturing defect (Excludes broken glass, scratched/cut silicone, cleanliness issues)

We don’t offer refunds for change of mind, unless product is unused, in original packaging and returned at customer expense in a saleable condition. Refund will be processed once item is received


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