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Illustration and Coffee

Illustration and Coffee
July 12, 2013 Kristen Rudduck

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Lars K.Huse describes himself as a ‘do-er’. He does stuff, and makes things happen. Residing in Oslo, Norway, we met Lars via Instagram. He was busy doing cool stuff that we liked and drinking coffee.

Lars is best described as an illustrator. He is uncomfortable with the label artist. “I am illustration and coffee,” says Lars. Creating monochromatic pictures in pen and ink markers, Lars enjoys the simplicity of this creative style. “I travel quite a lot, so I need a compact setup that enables me to work basically anywhere.” says Lars. His biggest inspiration is coffee and his passion for the bean lead to the creation of the A-Z Coffee Book. An art-book and conversational guide about specialty coffee. Lars wrote and illustrated the guide then collaborated with graphic designer, Harald (Johnsen Vøyle) to do the layout. The guide was awarded a distinction in the prestigious Årets Vakrest Bøker (The Most Beautiful Books of the Year) and was also one of the nominees for the highly acclaimed, Visuelt (in the illustration category). An annual event for the creative industry in Norway.

Initially nurturing his passion in a coffee roastery, Lars then worked as a barista. “Nobody had showed me the delights of specialty coffee before then,” says Lars, “Also, coffee would not be as amazing if it wasn’t for the people involved in making it. I have met so many creative and talented people in coffee.”  Recently, Lars and friend Oliver Strand, hosted a coffee tour in New York City, an event held for the Food Book Fair. “It was a Williamsburg Coffee Crawl where we took about 27 people around to 4 different places, going through different aspects of coffee at each stop.” says Lars. “We looked at roasting and cupping, Chemex, French Press and Oji Kyoto, cold-drip. So much amazing coffee and so many awesome people. Good times! “

Lars enjoys his coffee in good company and lovingly prepared in the appropriate vessel. His tips include using good, fresh coffee, fresh water and clean equipment. “Be in control of your variables.” suggests Lars, “Brew anytime and anywhere. The Mile High Aeropress Club, the most exclusive cup of coffee you’ll ever have.”

Lars K Huse, is, illustration and coffee!

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