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Annie’s Provedore & Produce Store

Annie’s Provedore & Produce Store
July 4, 2013 Kristen Rudduck

Motivated from not being able to locally purchase the deli goods that she had grown up to love, Andrea Orchard opened Annie’s Provedore and Produce Store in Barwon Heads (Victoria). Nine years on, the busy coastal village is thriving with cafes, clothing and home wares stores. Amongst the growing choice of eateries, Annie’s remains the true, local favourite. “A lot wondered how I would go as this was completely different to anything they had seen for a sleepy little town at the time.“ says, Andrea, “Annie’s has now become part of Barwon Heads well and truly.”

An Italian heritage means that food has always been a big part of Andrea’s life. “I love sharing my knowledge with customers even if I do get a little over excited at times.” Says Andrea. With an array of fresh produce and gourmet supplies on offer, the shelves at Annies’ are abundant with tasty offerings. “We cannot sell anything we are not passionate about.” Says Andrea, “Cheese is something I have a great passion for and we offer a great range so we are always trying to source different cheeses from all over the world. Of course the coffee must be fantastic!” To compliment the deli and gourmet supplies is a menu offering rustic Italian fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Annie’s has been serving coffee’ brewed with Daily Roast Coffee beans since the store’s beginning. “Pat Curcio who owns the company has been amazing over our 8 ½ year relationship. He is all about quality and consistency without the hype. Just like us.“ Charity Barnes is the main barista who strives to produce each coffee with beautiful consistency time and time again using the Wega coffee machine. When brewing a good coffee, Andrea believes it’s all about the love you put into each cup. ”It’s no different to when you cook food.” She says, “It’s a feel you have when working with the equipment you have. I believe you can have the best machine but if there is no love put into that coffee it will still not be great.”

The welcoming façade of Annie’s with its signature hanging baskets and warm timber features compliment the dining and deli shopping experience. This provedore and produce store thrives on entertaining its customers and supplying the best quality food and coffee. Andrea says, “It’s the whole package we strive for everyday.”