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A message from the founder


Author: • June 5, 2019

Our obsession with convenience has fast created a plastic world with a disposable culture. We have become very good at removing waste from our sight but NOT from our lives. As a result we have created a natural disconnect with our daily footprints.

Misconceptions and fallacies around the recyclability of plastic has further fueled the severe over-use of plastic. The storm has been brewing and now this storm could very well be the greatest threat to our future. The global crises grows every day and our recycling efforts have been clogged and inefficient for many years due to the plastic tsunami.

The way forward requires rethinking on many levels. But first, we need to turn off the tap of plastic and single-use waste, clean the mess created and refocus our efforts into using sustainable materials. This change requires a unified approach, but one that caters to the many facets of the issue. Every piece of plastic that is removed from waste and every time a reusable is chosen, is an action that matters. The current pollution crisis is a multi-faceted one with no part being too small.

Overall, disposable coffee cups are not the biggest offender. There are various other areas that demand attention. However the coffee cup issue is a result of a disposable culture and can be changed now. A positive change in this area is symbol of a shift in our culture.

Once thought a convenience is no longer convenient…

A positive shift in our culture is what we require in order to really tackle the issue of plastic and disposable waste with a unified approach.

Joco’s aim is to empower the individual with eco-innovative products that make a direct and immediate difference to their daily lives and the environment.

A movement we are proud to be a part of.

Message From Matt Colegate – Joco Founder

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