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Glass Travel Mug

Since 2009 JOCO Cups have been developing drinking vessels (sometimes referred to as travel glass mugs) that are a stylish and functional alternative to plastic and traditional (ceramic) mugs.

When drinking hot beverages from a glass travel mug, you will notice the difference in the taste of the beverage, rather than tasting your cup. Enjoying delicious hot beverages on the go is easy when you use our glass travel mugs.

Get the Best Glass Travel Mug

Our eco-innovative, glass travel mugs are barista certified, crafted with premium materials and are designed for a lifetime of use. Through responsible design, we deliver real product solutions that are non-toxic and have a minimal environmental footprint.

All our products are manufactured from premium, non-porous, 100% plastic free materials. Noting that BPA-free plastics are still hazardous to your health, therefore safe plastics don’t exist. Dishwasher safe and with superior heat retention qualities, we offer the following sizes:

  • 4oz cups for macchiatos,
  • 8oz cups for flat whites & tea, and
  • Various other sizes (8oz, 12oz and 16oz) available online
Glass Travel Mug
Travel Glass Mug

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Explore our stylishly designed travel mugs that are comfortable to hold. You’ll enhance your coffee drinking ritual when you drink from a cup that you can be proud of. Shop online for JOCO cups, or contact us online for more information.