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6oz Coffee Cup


Author: customercare • August 12, 2019

Cream 6oz Glass Reusable JOCO Mug

If you enjoy a daily coffee and want to support the fight against single-use plastic, consider drinking from JOCO Cups’ thoughtfully designed 6oz coffee cup.

Improve the enjoyment your daily coffee ritual by tasting your drink and not the cup. A 6oz coffee cup is a perfect size for lovers of ¾ latte or flat whites. Holding 177mL, our 6oz coffee cups are made from high quality, non-porous borosilicate glass.

For over a decade, JOCO Cups’ have been worked tirelessly to end the use of plastic, single use drinking vessels. We’re passionate about reducing plastic and believe that you can make your coffee routine eco-friendly and a stylish part of your day.

Purchase the Best 6oz Reusable Coffee Cup

Perfectly designed for 6oz coffees and for a lifetime of use, our 6oz cups will fit perfectly underneath espresso machines. Barista approved, 100% plastic free and certified non-toxic, our reusable coffee cups make a difference to the environment while caring for your taste buds.


Navy 6oz JOCO Glass Reusable Mug

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Looking for a stylish, eco-conscious reusable coffee cup 6oz? Our extensive range of cups and silicon sleeves come in a range of ten colours.

With superior heat retention qualities, our cups are dishwasher safe and are designed, developed and produced in-house. Made with artisan blown glass, our innovative cups ensure you’ll maximise the taste your coffee.

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