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Product Support: The Utility Lid


Author: Matt Colegate • November 20, 2020

Design / product description

The Utility Lid is well suited for beverages of a thicker consistency or where increased flow is required. Intuitive, splash-proof straw integration and anti-spill closure all contained within Joco’s proven DNA for the best drinking experience.

Utility Joco Cup

Know your size / Size detail

Regular Lid | 86mm wide
Compatable with 8oz, 12oz & 16oz Glass Joco cup

Small Lid | 64mm wide
Compatable with 4oz & 6oz Glass Joco cup


Utility Lid
1. Lid without components | 2. Wide mouth sipper | 3. Nose dome | 4. Accessory storage
| 5. Air intake

6. Spout plug | 7. Joco Straw plug | 8. Joco Roll Straw plug | 9. Closure plug


Precisely formulated, premium grade silicone

Instructions of use

Straw Integration

  1. Select relevant straw plug and apply half way up the straw.
  2. Click-fit the plug with straw to the wide mouth sipper hole of the lid.
  3. Covering the straw opening with thumb, sit lid atop of vessel and apply pressure to click-fit lid to vessel. Note, hold pressure on lid until air is fully expelled from intake.
  4. Maintain coverage of straw opening with thumb whilst slowly inserting straw to
    required depth.

Straw Integration

Straw Integration animation

Drinking Temperature

Ideal drinking temperature : 55 – 60 degrees Celsius. Max temp for milk beverages is 70
degree Celsius. Above this the Milk burns or splits affecting the taste.

User Safety / Care tips

User Safety

  • Small parts are a potential choking hazard, (not for young children).
  • Take care when beverage exceeds 70 degrees C.
  • Take care when assembling components.
  • Take care with hot beverages.
  • Ensure the vessel and components are not damaged prior use.
  • Take care with lid, despite being secure and dependable, it is not lockable and may dislodge in certain situations.

Care Tips

  • Material is dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Hand-wash small components due to size
  • Remove lid while microwaving


Wide mouth

Wide mouth drinking with flow control. The Utility Lid is well suited for thicker
beverages with adaptions removed or where faster flow is desired. The unique intake
design delivers your hit when and where you need it. Taste it, don’t wear it.

Splash-proof straw integration

Splash-proof and intuitive integration with Joco’s straw range ensure the best straw
experience yet. The Utility Lid also accommodates most other straws. Note, ensure
your daily ritual remains splash-free, adhere to the correct assembly instructions.

Adaptive drinking

Provided with unique componentry and built in lid stowage, the Utility Lid features an
anti-spill closure. Customised seal rings provide splash-free straw integration that is so
dependable, reclined drinking is encouraged. Spout adaption serves liquid beyond the
teeth, keeping your pearly whites, white.


12 month warranty in the event of a manufacturing defect (Excludes broken glass, scratched/cut silicone, cleanliness issues). We don’t offer refunds for change of mind, unless product is unused, in original packaging and returned at customer expense in a salable condition. Refund will be processed once item is received, Warranty Information


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