The JOCO story so far...

Driven by the world as we know it and the truths that come along with it, JOCO is an honest brand with an honest goal: To experience life completely without taking more than our share.

We at JOCO believe in products that don’t make us compromise our personal tastes or take away from the little things in life that we care about so much. Born from this truth, JOCO glass coffee cups strive to compromise neither taste nor the environment like so many of those plastic folks do.

Our philosophy is as simple as it is honest: glass lasts longer, never affects flavour and looks good for the long run. Taste and intelligence, you see, are what make JOCO the “Cups That Care”.

How Can We Help Your Business?

Annually, 2.25 billion paper cups are used worldwide and those figures are rising by the millions each year. That’s 50 million trees cut down every year for the sake of convenience. This impact on the environment will only continue to increase.

These days we know most businesses are doing their part.  We at JOCO believe your business can help reduce these massive figures by encouraging your staff to use JOCO Cups in their morning coffee hunt. JOCO’s premium glass reusable coffee cup cleans with ease and saves space in your waste.

Customise Your JOCO

The JOCO Cup is stylish, eye catching and a great marketing tool for your brand. We have the ability to custom print your company logo onto the sleeve of our cups so that your next meeting will look oh so classy.