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Best Eco Friendly Reusable Coffee Cups


Author: ryanwan • January 17, 2020

With millions of disposable cups going to landfill every day, it’s time to stop the flow of plastic and single use waste.Six Eco-Friendly Blue Reusable JOCO Cups

A simple way to do this is to only drink from a reusable coffee cup. Since 2009, JOCO Cups have been designing and developing the best eco coffee cup.

Unlike other reusable cups, which have a lifespan of only 3 years, JOCO Cups are designed for a lifetime of use!

Why JOCO have the Best Eco Cups

The WWF estimate* that Australians use 130kg of plastic every year, so it’s time to turn the tide on plastic! JOCO have the best eco coffee cups because they are 100% plastic free and made from naturally derived materials.

JOCO Cups are anti-bacterial, non-porous and certified non-toxic. The artisan blown borosilicate eco coffee travel mugs are barista certified and have an anti-splash ergonomic design. Lightweight and resistant to temperature changes, our best eco coffee cup has a medical grade silicone grip.

Our cups come in a range of sizes including 4oz, 6oz, 12oz and 16oz and a range of fun colours. With a specially designed nose-dome, so you’ll be able to sip your coffee without banging your nose.

Navy JOCO 6oz Reusable Glass Coffee Cup

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When you drink from a JOCO Cup, you’ll taste your coffee not your cup. With a splash proof lid that sit firmly on the cup, you’ll be able to drink your coffee knowing you won’t get drips on your clothing.

Our desire to turn the tide on plastic has contributed to over 120,000 pieces of plastic being removed from the environment since 2017. Every JOCO eco-friendly coffee cup purchase helps to stop the flow of plastic.

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*World Wildlife Fund (2019):

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