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Homecamp : Quality goods for the outdoors.

Homecamp : Quality goods for the outdoors.
March 27, 2015 Kristen Rudduck
Homecamp deluxe camp goods JOCO glass reusable cups

Homecamp deluxe camp goods JOCO glass reusable cups

Goodness can be found when getting lost amongst Instagram. We have connected with artists, illustrators, photographers, designers, bloggers and coffee lovers. Friendships have blossomed and creative collaborations are underway. Scrolling the app, very late one evening, we discovered Homecamp luxury outdoor goods. We partnered with Homecamp for the latest JOCO cup campaign to be launched at the SCAA Seattle Coffee Expo 2015 (USA) in April. Meet the folk from Homecamp here.

Tell us about yourself and your business Homecamp? Homecamp is run by my husband/partner Doron Francis and I, Stephanie Pajic. Launched in December 2014, Homecamp is an online store that sells quality, well designed goods for the outdoors as well as being a pop-up luxe camp accommodation provider for events and gatherings.

What services and products do you offer? Homecamp is all about quality, good design and being comfortable outdoors. We want to inspire people to get outside and enjoy nature without having to ‘rough it’. We are pretty passionate about selling products that will last, with a focus on simple design, usefulness and natural materials. Our hero products are our range of canvas bell tents – these tents are our take on the classic ’sibley’ tent design but adapted to the (often extreme) Australian conditions. Other products include our enamel ware, sleeping bags, blankets, flasks, leather stools, backpacks, utensils rolls and lanterns. We are expanding the range and soon to launch some new cookware, camping kettles and a range of natural toiletries from Californian brand Juniper Ridge.

The pop-up camp accommodation service currently operates in Victoria, however, we are looking at ways to expand interstate. This service provides our clients with either luxe or basic camp accommodation for events and gatherings. We have a fleet of 20 canvas bell tents that we fit out like a hotel room with double bed, beautiful linen and stylish interiors. We set everything up from scratch and pack it all down at the end of the event.

What inspired you to start Homecamp? We have owned a bell tent for a number of years that we take to music festivals and other getaways and we were always getting comments on it from fellow campers. We thought it would be a cool idea to manufacture and sell our own version but built to a much higher quality specification that will last in Australian conditions – wet, hot, dry etc. From there it expanded to offering people more durable products for enjoying the outdoors as we were pretty uninspired with what’s on the market when it comes to camping – a combination of daggy design and poor quality, or the other extreme of super technical gear. We love camping, going to festivals and being out in nature but we also really appreciate good design and products that will last a lifetime, so Homecamp is a combination of those things. The events side of the brand seemed a natural offshoot to the online store and given both of our backgrounds of working in events we figured we could do that too. When we had a few solid enquiries for tenting accommodation without even launching our website, we decided to jump in and make it happen!

Why do you think ‘getting outdoors’ has become so popular? I think it’s due to a number of factors. Whilst getting outdoors has always been popular, recently I think people are embracing it as an escape from our overtly mediated lifestyle. People want to switch off from the constant interruption of digital noise and commune with nature – its a lifestyle and health choice with many benefits. Somewhat ironically, I also think that social media has played a big role – people can now so easily publish photos of their adventures and inspire others to get out there and do the same.

Share with us some of the luxe products makers.  We work with a range of brands, from smaller scale manufacturers such as Wood & Faulk from Portland who makes our backpacks, leather stools and toiletry bags using really high quality canvas, wood and leather. We also stock classic US brands like Stanley, Jacob Bromwell and Faribault one of the oldest wool mills in the US. The tents are our own Homecamp brand and our enamel ware is made by the last european enamel foundry.  We are about to stock a range from a US heritage brand that has been making fantastic products for well over a hundred years. There are also some other Homecamp products in the pipeline which we are producing here in Australia which we are really excited about.

Where are some of your favourite places to camp? Over the last few years we have had some amazing camping trips in Kamchatka (far East Russia), Yosemite in California and also Cappadocia Turkey. There are so many great places much closer to home…we love the Otways in Victoria – the combination of beautiful national park with tall lush rain forrest and the stunning coast line make it pretty special. We also really enjoy The Grampians –  there’s some beautiful camp spots and great hiking.  Mount Buffalo is another favourite and very special place we go to every year.  Last year we were lucky enough to walk the Larapinta Trail which is in the West McDonnell National Park about 3 hours away from Alice Springs – that was an incredible experience, there is something so sublime about that country.

What are the top 5 essential items to take camping? 1. A Homecamp bell tent! Best way to camp. 2. Some decent cast iron cookware. A camp oven is very versatile and fun to cook with. 3. A coffee kit is a must. Aeropress, hand grinder, fresh beans, a JOCO cup is the way to go! 4. The world’s best portable salt and pepper shaker. 5. Great food and wine (of course).

Where can we find you?

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