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The Kindness Co. : Happiness for your mind, body and soul.

The Kindness Co. : Happiness for your mind, body and soul.
March 19, 2015 Kristen Rudduck
LUX 6oz glass by JOCO & Kindness Company

The Kindness co. raw cakes and wellness

The delicious raw cakes featured in the new JOCO campaign were supplied by The Kindness Co. A collaboration of two friends sharing their passion for happiness and well being through organic and raw foods and caring for your whole self. Meet the generous and dynamic duo, Mel and Dee from The Kindness Co.

Who is The Kindness Co. ? We are two fellow health nerds, and Surf Coast (Victoria) locals, who share a passion for healthy living. We have both been on personal journeys of change, growth and self-discovery. Along the way we experienced the healing power of food. We wholeheartedly trust that through respecting your body, eating fresh foods in their whole, natural form, embracing movement, mindfulness, and a beautiful dose of self-love, you will nourish the mind, body and soul. We fuel our bodies with the best organic and local wholefoods that are as tasty as they are great for you. The Kindness Co. was born from these passions.

Share the products that you make? We predominately make raw treats, in an assortment of mixed flavours, free from gluten, dairy and refined cane sugar. We make these from the registered kitchen at Dee’s house. They can be made to order for a special occasion or you can enjoy them at local cafes. We are knee deep preparing our own space, a wellness bar, that will open in Torquay in a few weeks. We have been holding ‘full moon picnics’ where we invite the community to enjoy a raw treat, herbal tea and a guided group meditation.

What is the The Kindness Co. all about ? The Kindness Co. aspires to empower people to make conscious and informed healthy food and lifestyle choices. We see in ourselves, and in the community around us, so many people rushing around attempting to be ‘everything’ and then feeling shame, guilt and worthlessness when they can’t achieve it all. Our aim is to encourage and support people to make small and sustainable changes that empower them to consciously slow down, cultivate positive habits and create a loving relationship with their body and mind built on self-respect, self-love and kindness. We believe that there are many people who want to make such changes yet require some support to do so. We are dedicated to guiding people on their path to radiant health and vitality, and living an inspired life.

What can we enjoy at The Kindness Company hub. The Kindness Co. wellness bar will offer a host of nourishing food and drinks including our delicious raw treats, super food smoothies, herbal teas, cold drip and filter coffee and plant-based salads. Our aim is for the space to become the go-to wellness hub for our coastal community. We will hold events, meditation evenings and provide a place to connect with the many talented and knowledgeable practitioners and therapists that we have in the area.

Do you have any words of wisdom for others starting a new business, journey or adventure in life ? Be brave, learn from others, don’t be afraid to ask for help and build your strong support team.

Where can we find you ?

Instagram @thekindnessco Kindness Co.

The Kindness Co.  5 Zeally Bay Road, Torquay, Victoria, Australia.