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Ocean Grind : A micro coffee roasting company

Ocean Grind : A micro coffee roasting company
March 12, 2015 Kristen Rudduck
Ocean Grind Coffee Roasters JOCO glass reusable cups Roastery

Ocean Grind Coffee Roasters JOCO glass reusable cups Roastery                               

We enjoy supporting local whenever we can so for the latest JOCO photo shoot we paired up with the micro-roasters, and JOCO cup stockists, Ocean Grind. They are located on the West Coast of Victoria (Australia) in the town called Freshwater Creek. On set, we used their beans to brew our pour over coffee and stove top espressos. We chatted with Mark Clatworthy from Ocean Grind about his coffee company.

Please introduce Ocean Grind. Ocean Grind is a coffee roasting company consisting of myself and my wife Kim. We are supported by a handful of awesome baristas who help us out at events. I started roasting in my home’s garage but we now have a ‘roasting room’ located at The Farmers Place in Freshwater Creek. We are passionate about quality coffee and our beautiful coast.

Share with us your passion for coffee. I became captivated with roasting while backpacking in Central America before doing it as a hobby in the garage – sharing beans with friends and delivering samples to a mailing list of local coffee lovers. I just liked the idea of taking a raw product and turning it into something that gives people a buzz (quite literally). I undertook some roasting workshops and upped the ante with the ‘investment’ of a commercial roaster before quitting my day job as a civil engineer to pursue coffee roasting full-time. (With three kids aged five and under it’s fair to say Kim has been incredibly supportive and understanding!) I really enjoy roasting different beans from interesting places around the world. They all behave differently so I love the challenge of ‘unlocking’ the flavour and characteristics through the roast process.

What makes the perfect cup of coffee? Freshly roasted ‘specialty grade’ beans, quality equipment and a passionate barista. Good company certainly helps too!

Talk us through the roasting process and the challenges that you encounter. Raw green beans are loaded into a steel drum which rotates over a gas flame. You adjust the flame and air flow – the key factor is how quickly the bean heats over time. I track it all on a laptop so I can replicate a successful roast ‘profile’. The beans undergo chemical reactions and caramelize with audible cracking (similar to pop corn) taking place towards the end as the beans expand and open up. At this point you need to be super careful about how much heat is applied since the bean becomes fragile – ten seconds too long or short could ruin the entire roast.  Ambient temperature and humidity can also make a negative impact so you need to tweak things a bit depending on conditions. Hence, I do it all by hand to ensure consistency.

Which coffee blends are roasted by Ocean Grind? We have three staple blends – Ebb & Flow, Shore break and the Organic Blend. We also offer different single origins month-to-month. We have also produced a custom house blend for The Farmer’s Place which you can only purchase there.

Where can we find you?

Ocean Grind Micro-Roastery –  The Farmer’s Place – 675 Anglesea Road, Freshwater Creek, Victoria, Australia.

Ocean Grind Coffee Caravan – Torquay Farmer’s Market, every Saturday morning, Torquay, Victoria, Australia.


Facebook: /oceangrind

Instagram: /oceangrind

Wholesale or Retail enquiry: [email protected] Ph: 0448 884 099