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Agent M (Norway)

Agent M (Norway)
April 11, 2014 Kristen Rudduck
Bergen Norway, Agent M, JOCO cups online retailer

When Monica Flagtvedt welcomed the arrival of her son she was exposed to a whole new world or products for babies and families. She found a lot of products were not that safe for use mostly because of the materials they were made from. This inspired Monica to create an online store where all products are usable without harm and also look great.

The Agent M online store retails only products that are deemed to be ethical, environmentally friendly and also free from animal cruelty. “People are opening their eyes for BPA, BPS, BPB, parabens and mulesing.” says Monica, “I like to inform them through my blog and on Facebook.” Instead of encouraging her customers to buy more, Monica likes her customers to buy less and choose products that are better quality and last longer. Products like glass drink bottles, fair-trade wool clothing, ecological cosmetics and JOCO glass reusable cups. All products Monica describes as sustainable, safe, cool and chic.

In Norway, Agent M is a unique online store. There are many other online retailers but nothing quite as dedicated to the supply of friendly products. Agent M does not compete with the fashion carousel and only stocks the best products in their category. “There are only two (local) online stores that carry JOCO cups, and there are no other stores that only sell safe, ethical and cool stuff.” says Monica. Agent M advocates using drink bottles and reusable cups made from glass. From Monica’s online retail experience, she knows that once people turn to glass, instead of plastic, they never turn back. “I think that’s because of Agent M´s slogan,” says Monica, “Ditch plastic, glass is fantastic!”.