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Bun Coffee, Byron Bay (AUS)

Bun Coffee, Byron Bay (AUS)
January 31, 2014 gregjones
BUN coffee Byron Bay Australia JOCO cup stockist

David Kennedy’s history in hospitality and the coffee industry spans 25 busy years. In the 90’s, as a café owner in Sydney (AUS), David learnt the art of roasting and developed his own blend to satisfy the cities burgeoning espresso market. In late 2004, David imported a small roaster from Turkey to Byron Bay. Less than a year later the rest of the family relocated and Bun Coffee was born. David is passionate about good coffee. “I hate drinking bad coffee.” he says, ”Especially when with the right attention and care, it can be so good.” Creative roasting and experimenting with blends and flavours excites him. To find the right combination he describes as being ‘magic’.

Bun Coffee’s commitment to sustainable coffee practises is evident. From the selection of their coffee beans and tealeaves, right through to their friendly packaging, Bun takes their environmental responsibility very seriously. “It’s important to me to know that not only have I played my part in doing justice to the grower, but also with the likes of Rainforest Alliance, you get a coffee with great characteristics due to the biodiversity of where the coffee is grown.” says David.

Bun Coffee has a retail range of six coffee blends, seven teas, organic drinking chocolate, syrups and an organic rapadura (unrefined sugar). They also offer a large range of single origin coffees as well as a new Limited Harvest range that comes from smaller plantations. The beans are typically sourced from Colombia, Nicaragua, Bolivia, PNG, Kenya, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico and Honduras as well as from within Australia. They are either shade-grown rainforest, Fair Trade or organic. “We carefully select the highest quality beans and roast them to perfection at our certified organic roastery.” says David, “The roastery is Fair Trade certified, Rainforest Alliance certified, HACCP certified and an accredited Swiss Water Process roaster. We are a member of 4C, an association working to advance sustainability in the coffee sector.”

Locally, in Australia, plantations include one just up the road from the roastery called The Hut, which provides one of Bun’s single origin limited harvest specialties. “Australian coffee has a lower caffeine content than most overseas coffees and different characteristics, often presenting with earthy, sweet tones.” says David, “Due to the number of small plantations and the variety of processing methods there can be inconsistency in quality so you need to be extra cautious when roasting, grinding and extracting.”

Since it’s establishment Bun Coffee has won multiple awards, installed a larger roaster, expanded the warehouse and opened a vibrant retail store within their Byron Bay premises all while continually growing their product range. David recommends that we all experiment with our coffee. He encourages his customers to be brave and don’t settle for mediocre. David says, “If you’re making your own coffee take the time to understand how your coffee maker operates so you can get the best result. Take the time to choose coffee from organic or sustainable plantations, not just for the taste, but for the implications it has for the future.” We also concur with David’s’ final tip that a good coffee can make your day!