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Liz Looker Photographer

Liz Looker Photographer
August 27, 2013 Kristen Rudduck
Elizabeth Looker Photographer Fashion & Portrait Australia

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Professionally, Liz Looker is a talented photographer, when she is not busy shooting a major fashion campaign, rock stars or celebrity portraits’, she is also a nurturing first time mum.

Liz has always been fascinated by imagery. As a teenager, she recalls how she would collect images torn from her mother’s magazines. In her mid-twenties, she was handed a camera and has been shooting ever since. Liz describes her photographic style as simple and honest. Her work has featured in international publications such as Rolling Stone, Nylon, Dazed and Confused, Dumbo Feather and Marie Claire. Her fashion-advertising clients include Levis, Wrangler, Arrabella Ramsey and Lee. Liz’s personal, creative venture ‘Little Folk’ specialises in the photographic portraiture of children and families. “I’m really excited about-taking photos of kids and families. I love the way people so generously open their homes and lives, and also, how cool kids are.” says Liz.

Liz’s biggest inspiration is her immediate family. All of who are wonderfully creative, clever and skilled. Talented friends and others follow after. “I am constantly inspired by my friend, designer Toni Maticevski for his integrity, talent, creativity, perseverance and wit,” Liz says, “And dancers Joanne White and Rohan Funnel for their incredible dedication, tenacity, physical strength and raw talent.”

In 2010, Liz welcomed the opportunity to photograph a naturally beautiful, pregnant friend. The following year, this striking image, was a winning finalist in the richest photography competition in the world, The Moran Photographic Portrait Prize. Liz’s success continued, when she exhibited in the same competition in 2012, and was awarded, a semi finalist place.

Having traveled extensively overseas, a recent journey to South America has seen Liz produce a series of colourful photographs, capturing the heart and soul of the local people and their culture. “I set myself a goal to have an exhibition on my return from my trip to South America because I actually don’t take photographs when I travel at all. Usually I just like to be where I am.” says Liz. “I took my cameras everywhere and tried to, unobtrusively and respectfully, capture what I saw and how it made me feel. It was such an incredible experience.” Having fallen in love with South America and its people, Liz captured candid images of landscapes, faces, textures, colours and daily life. “All the photos are of really simple, uplifting things … (South America) a continent with such incredible generosity and energy.”

Liz enjoys the unknown ahead when preparing for a professional shoot or personal adventure. “I never have a plan or any expectations going in to a shoot because the outcome is so dependent on a mix of ingredients. The subject’s mood, mine, the weather, your chemistry, the light, the location.” says Liz, “The job is to see and feel those things and then capture that on film. I also love it when people really look in to you. When the connection is more than the photograph.” At ease with a camera in her hands, Liz Lookers’ photographic images are captured with a natural aesthetic and grace behind the lens.